Our Training Philosophy

We assign a person/team to work in partnership with you, to fully understand the aims, expectations and the training goals to be achieved. Our consultants will design a training programme that suits your requirements and takes you a step closer to achieving your targets.

We will ensure that the training delivery is upbeat and fun whilst remaining professional and focused. User guides and handouts will be provided to support any course.

Through regular reviews and evaluation with you, we ensure that all training programmes remain current and relevant. This is achieved via follow-up reviews, evaluation forms and regular meetings with managers and team leaders.

Good communication, formulating the right programme and constantly monitoring progress, are the foundation stones which underpin our training philosophy.

Our Commitment

  • We build a strong relationship with you by understanding your business and your team.
  • We are flexible and creative; and mindful of your other business priorities.
  • We add real value to your organisation’s development, by making it easier and quicker for you to release more of the potential in your people.
  • We think creatively about your individual requirements, and tailor our support specifically to you.
Photoshop Logo Adobe InDesign

Introduction to InDesign | InDesign Advanced | InDesign for IPad and Tablets | InDesign Tips and Tricks

Photoshop Logo Adobe Illustrator Introduction to Illustrator
Photoshop Logo Adobe Photoshop Introduction to Photoshop | Photoshop Advanced
Photoshop Logo Adobe Captivate Introduction to Captivate
Photoshop Logo Keynote Introduction to Keynote
Photoshop Logo QuarkXPress

Introduction to QuarkXPress | QuarkXPress Advanced | QuarkXPress for Editorial

Photoshop Logo Fireworks Introduction to Fireworks
Photoshop Logo Flash Flash Introduction
Photoshop Logo PowerPoint PowerPoint - all you'll ever need to know!
Photoshop Logo Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver Fundamentals
Photoshop Logo Camtasia (e-Learning)

Camtasia Fundamentals

The course outlines listed here are examples of typical course content, but all Headline courses can be tailed to meet the specific requirements of your business.