Why e-Learning?

It's flexible, fast and convenient. It saves time, money and resources; and it delivers measurable, tangible results.

At Headline Digital we develope customised e-learning solutions for any training need you may have including: company induction; IT systems; health & safety; environmental; quality and security topics; as well as product launches or communicating new initiatives to employees.

At Headline Digital we understand the on-going training issues that you experience and we believe we have other solutions to meet these challenges head on.

Do you ever suffer from:

The essence of our rapid e-learning design approach is very simple.

1. Put Learning Designers at the heart of the process

We place the learning designer at the center of our process. Our team is led by a senior and experienced learning designer. We believe in multi-skilled, small teams as this means greater flexibility, more ownership, less complex communication and lower cost.

2. Use rapid authoring tools 

We use rapid authoring tools that generate robust SCORM-compliant content and which can also generate engaging content with thoughtful design and creative art direction. These tools allow us to reduce the need for developer and technical testing input.

3. Undertake rapid prototyping 

We use rapid prototyping which is much more effective for communicating ideas and interactivity. This reduces the need for documentation such as project initiation documents, storyboards, scripts, specifications, etc. Rapid prototyping reduces the need for project managers and project assistants to manage these heavy processes and also reduces all the duplication inherent in such processes.

Contact enquiries@headlinedigital.co.uk for a member of our team to contact you to discuss your requirements.